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Car insurance 

is a
annual hit 

monthly turn


The new car insurance that you also pay based on the km you drive, with a monthly minimum and discounts if you drive well! In just a few clicks you can also purchase the car insurance on our website. The following ones and contract management will all take place in the app.


Agency for Linear assicurazioni

What is BeRebel?


The revolution in car insurance in Italy. A monthly car insurance that provides a small telematic device easy to install on your car. Thanks to the RebelBot device the car insurance that you pay per km.

You pay just for the 
km travelled


Our car insurance is km-based. With a monthly minimum including 200 km: if you exceed them, you pay an adjustment at the end of the month.

Our policy,
is not one year long


You renew it month by month 

as long as you want.

technology protects you


A telematic device counts the km and helps you if an accident occurs.

your coverage


You can choose it according to your needs.
Vehicle value updates automatically.

Everything is at you fingertips
in the... app


With our app you can manage costs, consult the km traveled and documents relating to your insurance at any time, quickly and easily, even when you buy the policy from our website. Remember that the first 200 km you drive are included in the minimum monthly premium and then you pay only for the extra ones you travel! And if you want, you can already simulate the premium of 12 consecutive monthly renewals based on your driving habits by indicating an estimate of the km you will drive.

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app assicurazione auto a chilometri
app assicurazione auto a chilometri

RebelBot: a 


telematic device


Smaller than a smartphone, you can rely on it. It’s the perfect travel companion, who takes care of you and your car:

BeRebel believes 
in sustainability


  • Digital communications
  • No paper waste
  • You are driven to use your car only when really needed: the fewer km you travel, the less you pay and the less you pollute
  • You can offset your own CO2 emissions by paying only 50% of the cost, the rest is paid by BeRebel!