What is unique  
to us


More than the pay-per-you monthly car policy you pay on the km driven with discounts if you drive well: we introduced other great innovations! 

Your control tower:
one&only app for all car policies of your family


All paperless insurance documents at your fingertips in the BeRebel app, cumulative payments for all your car policies with a single Account Statement at the end of the month; maximum simplification of renewals and all operations online with just a few clicks. 

One for all
all for one

A single policyholder for all your family car policies

Only one date

 to remember


All deadlines are aligned to the end of the month 

A single deposit

that is returned to you at the end of the relationship with BeRebel 

One & only 

All your expenses for the month summarized in a single Account Statement

Same day cancellation


Just like when you buy something online and you're left wondering whether you've got the address wrong, the dates, practically everything... Here, with BeRebel you can buy in total peace of mind! In fact, if you change your mind during the day because you've made a mistake or for any other reason, we'll give you back every penny! 

Commercial Offer


The promise that 
we do to our Customers

These are the conditions, you too, dear Customer, must give yours!  

Do you, Customer, want:

If your answer is "Yes" then We are committed…


Some bureaucracy 

(we still sell car insurance

On each car policy renewal we print the Commercial Offer with begin end expiration date.

On purchase of a policy , the begin of the Commercial Offer will be the date of the first contract on the car and expiration is 12 month later.

On renewals up to the completion of the 12th month (plus any fraction):

  • If the right to the Commercial Offer has not expired, the expiration date is maintained  
  • If the right has lapsed, the validity date will be reset to that of the new contract and expiration will be 12 months later

Once the 12-month period plus any fraction has been completed, the next contract will start with a new Commercial Offer (if still in force) with new dates.


With the Commercial Offer in force and until its expiration, the total price cannot increase; the contents of the coverage cannot worsen, however the insurance conditions and the coverage themselves can be modified provided that they are never get worse for the Customer.

Once the Commercial Offer has lapsed or in the case of a subsequent purchase, a new contract will start with a new Commercial Offer, with potentially different conditions from the previous ones.