What is 

assicurazione auto a chilometri
assicurazione auto a chilometri

The monthly car insurance that suits your needs: you pay per km a minimum monthly premium that already includes 200 free km and an adjustment based on the km actually driven. BeRebel’s monthly car policy is flexible and can be stopped at any time! 

Pay for the 
km driven

Renew your policy
month after month

Be protected by RebelBot

Customize your

How does it work?

Discover your rate by entering only two data: date of birth of the vehicle owner and license plate number. Choose the insurance coverage that best suits you and complete the purchase of your car insurance  in just a few clicks!
Pay a fixed fee at the beginning of the month at the end a possible variable adjustment based on the km travelled. Pay-per-you: the less you drive, the less you pay! 

7,33 €


Minimum monthly premium

You pay it regardless of the km driven: it includes 200 km you can transfer to renewals up to 12 months from beginning and until the Commercial Offer remains in force.


2,61 €


Premium telematic services fee

You pay it every month, it guarantees a discount on your policy price, and it integrates Premium telematic services into your RebelBot.


2,31 €

248 km in excess 0,0093 €/km

Km adjustment

At the end of the month you will pay for the km driven in excess of those included, at the proper cost per km.


12,25 €

The actual monthly cost

The cost changes every month depending on the km driven.

The displayed price represents a real case: Alberto, from province VI, CU 1, Hyundai Kona, age 44, BeRebel policy with third-party liability insurance without waiver of recourse, Roadside Assistance Pro, amount paid in March 2024 (453 km traveled, including 205 km)

What does it foresee?

RebelBot is a
travel companion
than never leaves you alone


You install it in a few minutes, it counts precisely the km you drive, allows the evaluation of your use and driving style and helps you when needed. 

1, 2, 3…
        let's go!


With BeRebel app you manage your monthly car insurance and that of your family. You also choose whether to renew your policy every month in just one click.

But that’s not all: here are the news of our car insurance


With the BeRebel app, you can not only manage your monthly car insurance, but you also have the freedom to customize it and simulate the annual cost. Discover all the guarantees we offer and check the documentation directly from our app about your car policy.

What if other people 
like your car too?


Our monthly car insurance includes the Fire & Theft coverage, so you protect your car from risks such as robbery, theft, attempted theft, fire, lightning, explosions and more.

 don't move us!


We reimburse direct damages from weather such as hail, snow and ice. We also cover in the event of a flood, landslide or earthquake. And you will be able to have your car repaired immediately without having to pay any money!

Immediate help
for you and your car!


Roadside assistance will assist you in the event of an accident or breakdown - you will never be left alone! 

RebelBot becomes your travel companion and protects you from many unexpected events.

Your keys
 are safe!


With Chiavi Protette Plus, don't worry if you lose your keys, we'll reimburse you for the expenses incurred. And that's not all. Read the other guarantees of this package!