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June 2023


The Italian insurtech market welcomes a new type of digital car policy that focuses on innovation and sustainability.


Here comes BeRebel, a monthly and completely digital car insurance at km. Here’s how it works


A real revolution in the world of car insurance (and not only). Now you can pay it based on the km we travel, all you need is a simple app on your smartphone. Here is all revealed

Milano Finanza

The curtain is up on BeRebel, the insurtech «Pay-per-you» (highly personalised pay-per-use) of UnipolSai Assicurazioni which is a novelty in Italy and Europe.


BeRebel arrives on the market, the insurance "Pay-per-you" (highly personalised pay-per-use) of UnipolSai Assicurazioni, an absolute novelty in Italy and Europe: a km based digital policy for cars.


Unipolsai presents the insurtech "Pay-per-you" BeRebel: a km based, monthly, fully digital car policy.


The product, which is for now only for cars for private use, can be purchased on the website and on the app even just for a month and provides for the self-service installation in the car of a telematic device that counts the km, intervenes by providing assistance in case of an accident and allows a discount in the month-end adjustement based on the usage and driving style detected.


The formula provides for a fixed monthly fee which includes the first 200 km of use and an adjustment based on the km travelled, discounted according to the usage and driving style.


The curtain rises on BeRebel, UnipolSai Assicurazioni's "Pay-per-you" insurtech, an absolute novelty in Italy and in Europe: a monthly, fully digital car policy by km.

May 2023

Insurance Daily

The new Unipol company, operating since last September, is led by the top manager Leonardo Felician who, after having revolutionised the direct companies market twice, launches an ambitious project supported by the insurtech ecosystem created by the group.

April 2023

Spot and Web

BeRebel returns On Air with an omnichannel campaign created by Caffeina


BeRebel returns On Air and online in an omnichannel campaign created by Caffeina

Media Key

BeRebel returns to TV, Radio, Social, OOH, Digital, and DOOH, with street and guerrilla marketing in an omnichannel campaign created by Caffeina.


BeRebel returns to TV, Radio, Social, OOH, Digital, and DOOH, with street and guerrilla marketing in an omnichannel campaign created by Caffeina.


Today on the insurance market there are several options (here we have explained how the TPL policy market will change). One of these is the app owned by Unipol "BeRebel", which allows you to customize car insurance, making cost predictions based on the data we provide on how much we estimate to use our vehicle.


Car insurance paid only based on how many kilometers you drive. It is instant insurance (pay per use insurance), which you pay only when you use (pay per use). In practice you pay a custom TPL policy proportional to the number of km that is estimated to have to travel with your car


In recent times is growing more and more the demand for the service "pay per use", which allows you to pay insurance rates according to consumption forecasts

Mondo Fuoristrada

BeRebel allows you to take out a policy with a price of 12 euros per month, in the event that you intend to travel 200 km. To renew it just a few clicks and can cover the cost of damage from natural events, as well as a refund if you lose your key and add roadside assistance.


You are not a great driver but the insurance still costs you a lot? Choose a pay per use insurance. Here are some good alternatives if you drive less than 5 thousand kilometers per year and want to pay only for how much you actually travel. You can pay only 12 euros per month for 200 km

La Stampa

There is an app called BeRebel, owned by UNIPOL, with which we can customize the car insurance simulating the cost based on the data we provide on the use we intend to make of the vehicle.

Corriere della Sera

More and more Italians choose car or motorcycle insurance pay per use, which is paid only when you use (pay per use). In practice, you pay a custom TPL policy proportional to the number of km you expect to have to travel with your car during the year.

January 2023


BeRebel is an insurance that can be defined "sui generis", it allows you to pay per km that you travel monthly. Every month the policyholder pays a fixed fee.

December 2022

Linda Liguori

BeRebel arrives with momentum, a new totally digital car insurance, which wants to rebel against industry standards and pierce the stereotypes on insurance. This is the meaning of an unconventional name like BeRebel, above all in the insurance industry.

November 2022



Kettydo+ has supported BeRebel, the new entirely "in-app" monthly car insurance pay-per-you, i.e. paid on the kilometers actually driven. It was a multilevel and interdisciplinary design thinking process putting all the agency's expertise into a system for the creation of the naming, logo and brand identity.


The new BeRebel brand, monthly car insurance that is paid on kilometres driven, has chosen Caffeina after a competition and goes on air with the launch of an advertising campaign.


Kettydo+ worked in synergy with BeRebel and its team of data scientists to bring to market a different app that multiplies insurance touchpoints with Customers. The BeRebel app takes up much less memory compared to the standard: only 16 MB for iOS systems and 6MB for Android ones.


“For Caffeina, BeRebel was love at first sight. First of all because we had the opportunity to enrich the identity of a brand born to dare, for its strength and its rebellious nature. But also because we put in the project all the skills of our agency: from consultancy to media, from creativity to content."

Diesis Group

We are very happy to have managed the design of such an innovative and revolutionary new Insurtech Startup right from the start [...] It was a wide-ranging design path, which combined human-centered design methodologies, agile and business-oriented co-generation, which brought all our team and BeRebel team together around the design table to offer the user experiential continuity in all phases of interaction with the service.

Media Key

A brand born from the need to rebel against the usual insurance companies offering unattractive services for the driving style of the new generations, customed to using less the car and not aligned with the consumer habits, but establishing themselves new ones.