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A single app for your pay-per-use car insurance that allows you to manage all your car policies directly from your smartphone!


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Did you know that? You don't have to be one of our customers to access the app:

After the phone number, enter license plate and date of birth of the car owner 

Customize yours quote 

Buy the policy with credit, debit cards or Paypal

Install RebelBot in a few minutes

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One&only app 


By means of your BeRebel app, you can select the coverage you prefer!

Consult the paperless digital documents, always available in BeRebel app 

With just one click, manage all operations on quotes and policies for the whole family 

Control day by day the km driven and the cost of your monthly policy  

Renew your policy month by month

Top 5 features


An app for your monthly car insurance that allows you to: