What to do in case of an accident?



First of all, it is necessary to fill in the Amicable Finding form (or CAI form) and communicate the accident data as soon as possible. If you have had an accident with a vehicle with an Italian license plate (or San Marino or Vatican City), send the CAI form to sinistri.berebel@linear.it filling in: 

  • Date and place of the accident - be precise indicating municipality, province, address, house number
  • Personal data of the people involved
  • License plates and Insurance Companies – if the vehicle had a trailer, the license plate of the insured car is required
  • Description of the dynamics – draw or describe the dynamics in the dedicated graphic space 
  • Remember the signatures of both policyholders. If you have the Direct Repair option in your policy, check the BeRebel Information Set to find out more.

For any information about your claim use the telephone number available in the BeRebel app in the Assistance section | Accident report.