What happens in the event of an accident involving an uninsured vehicle?



According to the most reliable estimates, in Italy unfortunately circulate a couple of million uninsured vehicles. According to statistics, the phenomenon is widespread throughout the peninsula, with prevalence in some southern regions.

Fondo di garanzia per le vittime della strada” is a body set up to allow compensation, subject to certain rules, for damage resulting from road accidents caused in most cases by uninsured vehicles, which would otherwise find no reward. The Fund is financed by a levy on the premiums of the TPL policies, whose amount is currently equal to 2.5% of the premiums collected in the TPL business. This huge component of the premium represents the "tax" that all honest policyholders must pay for the few (or not so few?) dishonest, who systematically violate the laws of the Italian State.

The Fund must be activated at the request of the injured. The handling of the claim is delegated to the insurance company in charge of the management: depending on the region where the accident occurred it is Unipolsai, Allianz, Generali, Cattolica, Reale Mutua, Sara. This is usually very bureaucratic and very slow: with BeRebel you can protect yourself with the optional collision guarantee with an uninsured vehicle that costs little and pays fast.