What is a temporary car insurance policy? 


A temporary car insurance policy is a type of car insurance that provides coverage for a limited period of time, less than the 12 months typical of traditional policies. This type of insurance is useful in several situations. Here are some features and contexts in which it could be used:

  • Flexible Duration: Temporary car insurance policies are flexible in terms of duration, with coverage that can vary from a single day to a few months. This is useful for those who need insurance coverage for a short period of time.

  • Immediate Coverage: These policies allow immediate coverage, which is ideal for situations where you need insurance coverage quickly.

  • Additional Coverage: They can provide additional coverage in specific situations, such as additional insurance coverage when traveling abroad.

  • Pricing: The cost of a temporary car insurance policy can vary based on several factors, such as the length of coverage, type of vehicle and driver profile. However, it is often a cheaper option for short-term coverage than purchasing an annual policy.

  • Simplicity of Purchase: there is the possibility of purchasing temporary car insurance policies online, with a quick and simple purchase process.
  • Same characteristics as traditional TPL: The temporary car insurance policy offers the same coverage as a standard TPL policy, but for a shorter period of time.


BeRebel is not a traditional temporary car insurance policy, but is a per km, monthly and pay-per-use policy.