What are the Basic and Premium telematics services connected to RebelBot? 


Customer must choose between the Basic telematics services included for free or the Premium ones with a small surcharge: the latter guarantee greater safety when you are driving and enable additional functions.


  • Basic Telematics Services: provide a summary of aggregated mileage on a monthly basis, a report on your usage and driving style; help in managing car accidents thanks to the data collected by RebelBot and the possibility of certifying the position of the vehicle since the last engine shutdown twice a month.


  • Premium Telematics Services: they entitle you to a further discount on the TPL tariff, integrate the proactive alert to the Assistance Company in the event of a car accident and allow you to monitor individual km journeys and expenditure on a daily basis. You can also certify the position of the vehicle from the last engine shutdown up to 5 times a month.