What is ReBelbot and how is it delivered? 



RebelBot is a small telematics device to be easily applied to the car battery: it counts the kilometers travelled and evaluates the usage and driving style. In addition, it helps to accurately determine liability in claims and avoid fraudulent behavior.

Before stipulating in the app you must choose the delivery method of RebelBot: 

Free collection at one of the Affiliated installers near you

This is the solution we recommend and it is for free! 

Shipping via courier to the address you want

This solution costs €9.66.

However, somebody must be present for shipping collection! The Courier will make a maximum of TWO delivery attempts, and if RebelBot is not collected, the policy will be cancelled. 

You will need to install RebelBot on the vehicle with the simple instructions that you find inside the package. 

If you prefer, you can request assembly support from the installer by agreeing with him and paying a small surcharge.