What to do in case of refused payment (3DS Error)? 



What is 3D Secure (3DS)? 

3D Secure (3DS) is a security standard for online transactions that provides an additional level of verification when making credit or debit card payments. This process is designed to reduce the risk of fraud and ensure that only the authorized cardholder can make the purchase.

How does the 3DS work?

When you make an online payment on a website that supports the 3DS, you will be redirected to a page provided by your bank or card issuer to confirm the transaction. You may be required to enter a password, answer a security question, or use biometric authentication (such as a fingerprint).

How can I enable 3DS for my card? 

  • Contact your bank: Most banks offer the option to activate your 3DS. You can contact your bank's customer service or log in to your online account to activate this service.
  • Registration: During registration, you will be asked to create a 3DS password or set up other verification options.
  • Confirmation: Once registration is complete, the 3DS will be active on your card.

What to do if the 3DS fails during a payment? 

  • Verify information: Make sure all information you enter is correct, including your card number, expiration date and security code (CVV).
  • Check your internet connection: An unstable internet connection may interfere with the 3DS verification process.
  • Contact your bank: If you continue to have problems, contact your bank for assistance. There may be a problem with your card or 3DS service.

Where can I get further assistance? 
If you need further assistance with your 3DS or have specific questions, we recommend contacting your bank or card issuer. Additionally, many merchant websites have dedicated FAQ sections or customer support departments that can provide additional information about the 3DS and how to use it to finalize payments.