What happens if I pay my BeRebel policy late?



BeRebel offers a grace period of 5 days of free insurance coverage extension after the end of the month. If you pay for the new policy by midnight on the fifth day, your coverage is guaranteed continuously and you will keep the Commercial Offer in effect. Otherwise, the coverage is interrupted, BeRebel would NOT pay any claims and therefore:

  • Either insure yourself with another company
  • Or you have to keep the vehicle stationary and in private spaces, not on the public road, to avoid serious consequences.

Neither of these two solutions is convenient so, if you want to continue with BeRebel, you can still choose:

  1. either pay late, but no later than the end of the month, the renewal estimate without changing any data, however by causing the Commercial Offer to lapse at the end of the month;
  2. or make a new quote from the beginning, under different price conditions, normally more expensive.

If you want to continue with BeRebel, in your best interest, we strongly recommend that you pay for the renewal no later than the fifth day of the month.