Why do I have to pay a policy for a car that is always stationary? 



In Italy, motor liability insurance is compulsory for all motor vehicles circulating or parked on public roads. 

You can only avoid paying if you keep the vehicle stationary IN A PRIVATE SPACE. 

The lack of compulsory insurance is sanctioned with a fine of around 1,000.00 euros and with the seizure of the vehicle. For vehicles in circulation without insurance, or with an insurance policy that has expired for more than the grace period (5 days for BeRebel policies), an administrative fine ranging from 849 to 3,396 euros is envisaged. With BeRebel, by paying only the minimum monthly premium, you can insure your car and use it whenever you want: at the end of the month you will pay an adjustment only if you have travelled more than the 200 km included in the monthly minimum.

The less you drive, the less you pay!