Why inherit the merit classes by taking advantage of the Bersani Law?



The Bersani Law is an Italian law that provides for the possibility, in case of conclusion of a new contract, for an additional vehicle of the same type, new or used, acquired by a natural person already a holder of an insurance contract or by a permanently cohabiting member of his household, to request the assignment of the merit class resulting from the last risk certificate obtained on the already insured vehicle.

There are several reasons why a driver might be interested in using Bersani Law to inherit a family member’s merit class.

For example:

  • Possible savings on car insurance costs: a more advantageous merit class often results in a lower insurance premium.
  • Possibility to access some insurance coverage: in some cases, the driver’s merit score may prevent access to certain insurance coverage. 
  • Ease of taking out car insurance: A driver with an advantageous merit class can have more ease in taking out car insurance, as it could be considered a low-risk customer by insurers.
  • Possibility for new drivers to avoid starting from the 14th class.
  • Possibility to insure more than one vehicle while maintaining the same Class of Merit

However, it is important to note that the Bersani Law provides for some specific requirements to be able to inherit the merit class of a family member, and it is not always convenient to take advantage of this opportunity.