Is it possible to have more than 200 free km in the month? 



The BeRebel offer provides 200 km per month for free, if they are not used all in the same month, you can accumulate them in the next month. At the first stipulation, the duration can be one month more fraction or only a fraction of month: in these cases the 200 free km will be reset on the days of coverage.  

If more than 200 km are used in the month, you will pay a Account Statement at the end of the month for the excess km.



For example:  

  • Do you use your car only once a week to go to a friend of yours who lives 10 km from your house and at the end of the month you have traveled at most 50 km? Great, the remaining 150 km accumulate the next month! (200km as a gift - 50km driven=150km for the next month!)
  • Or instead every weekend organise trips out of town to discover wineries and farmhouses and at the end of the month you have traveled 500km? At the end of the month you will pay the 300 km over the route (500km covered - 200km as a gift=300km to pay!)