What are the conditions to comply with the Bersani Law?

In order to benefit from the Bersani Law and inherit the merit class of a family member living together or an active policy on another vehicle owned, you must comply with certain specific conditions.

Below are some of the most common conditions:

  • Family status: In order to inherit the merit class, you must be a member of the same family status.
  • Residence: The driver who wants to inherit the merit class must be resident in the same house as the owner of the car insurance.
  • Active insurance: it must be the stipulation of a new contract and the license plate from which you want to inherit the class of merit must be regularly insured with active coverage.
  • Policyholder: The policy must be in the name of a natural person or a sole proprietorship, not a company or a legal person.
  • Vehicle purchase: The vehicle to be insured must have been purchased within the last 12 months, new or used.