What does BeRebel offer? 



If you’re wondering what BeRebel’s distinctive features are, here’s a list for you! 

  • Monthly car policy: decide from month to month whether to continue renewing your trust in BeRebel!
  • Pay for you: stop paying for others, pay only for the km you travel! With BeRebel you pay a monthly minimum of 200 km. At the end of the month you will pay for the extra kilometres you have travelled and if you drive well you will also have a discount.
  • Everything at your fingertips: the purchase of the BeRebel policy is available both on the website and on the app, but the entire management of your insurance and any subsequent purchases take place directly in the app.  
  • Premium for use and driving style: do you drive well? At the end of the month, depending on the usage and driving style you can see a percentage discount on your price per km.
  • Sustainability: BeRebel supports the BeGreen project, which aims to preserve and reduce CO2 production in different natural areas of the planet, by protecting deforestation and environmental degradation. The aim is to offset the CO2 emissions of the kilometres travelled.