How do I know how much BeRebel will cost me in a year? 


To know the annual cost of your BeRebel car insurance simply make a quote, inserting the license plate and date of birth, and choose the most suitable guarantees for you. At this point you will see:

  • The start date of your policy
  • The price dedicated to you
  • The simulator

Here, we have created this FAQ to describe the potential of this tool.

The simulator allows you to find out how much you can spend in 12 months, depending on the kilometers you plan to drive. Every month you have 200 km included in your BeRebel car policy, so if you are a person driving less than 2,400 km (the pointer is at the extreme left) you will pay only the sum of the amounts of the monthly minimum premium and possible Premium telematic service, if chosen.


Otherwise, if you are an inveterate driver you can move the simulator indicator to the far right (18,000 km or more) to find out how much the all-inclusive policy could cost at most.


Are you more attentive to the price than to the km travelled?  


Clicking on the darts (or for lovers of the game of cards One the symbol "reverse"/switch) present inside the simulator, you can estimate the cost over 12 months with BeRebel to find out how many km you could travel to fit the budget you have set or to compare us with your "old" car insurance.